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Perform Neighbouring Rights, the new global artist royalty collection service.


Perform Neighbouring Rights, the new global artist royalty collection service.

Powered by Universal Music, we offer you the most comprehensive royalty tracking analytics.

Our music rights management expertise lets us interrogate global data sets, uncovering unpaid usages and unlocking missing royalties.

We are a dedicated team, with industry leading insight into worldwide society operations.

What are neighbouring rights?

  • Neighbouring rights are the rights associated with the public performance and broadcast of a sound recording.
  • When a sound recording is played on radio, TV or performed in public, a royalty is due to the owner of the master recording and the performing artist(s).
  • In each territory a collecting society is responsible for the collection and distribution of royalties.

How we work

  • We capture, enrich and register your body of work with the performer societies around the world.
  • We analyse usage, calculate how much you should earn and recover all missing revenues globally.
  • We offer fast and accurate service, with personal account management.

Our difference

  • We cross reference our Universal Music label earnings against artist earnings.
  • We validate our analysis using global airplay data from BMAT, for the top 50 music markets around the globe.
  • We have unparalleled data on when and where every Universal Music sound recording is played on radio and TV right across the globe.
  • We can inform you how much revenue a Universal Music sound recording should be generating worldwide.

Your neighbouring rights

We offer you analysis and insight on where your music is listened to and calculate how much revenue you are generating so we can ensure you get paid for everything.

Our worldwide reach

Universal Music is a direct member of over 60 Neighbouring Rights societies providing unrivalled global reach.

Our wide representation across the societies gives us a unique ability to drive operational improvements

Even if you are not a Universal Music artist, you can still take advantage of Perform Neighbouring Rights and our connections to track down your missing royalties.

Count on us

  • Dedicated expert team

    The ONLY service powered by Universal Music, the world’s leading music company

  • Detailed label usage / royalty data

    The ONLY service with exclusive visibility of Universal Music's global label earnings

  • BMAT verified broadcast data

    The ONLY service to offer bespoke tracking analytics based on label share and global airplay data

  • Unrivalled global reach

    The ONLY service providing expertise and worldwide presence for our artists & labels

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